Tips for Beginner Entrepreneurs

Tips for Beginner Entrepreneurs

Owning your own business is not easy. However, the benefits of building a business are certainly greater than working in a company.

In addition to the material benefits that are far more, you also have the right to manage your finances and time which you would not have if you were still an employee.

Building a business for the first time is sure to raise fears of failure. However, there are several examples of culinary businesses that are currently the target of local people that you can emulate to start your own business.

Culinary Business Suitable for Beginners

Typical Culinary Hangout Place

Now who doesn’t love hanging out? Releasing fatigue after work by joking and chatting with friends is a fun activity. Also, if you are accompanied by food and fizzy drinks between conversations, these conversations will certainly be more enjoyable.

Moreover, the food and drinks offered are also wallet-friendly, especially for children who are still in high school and college, this hangout will attract more visitors. Therefore, the culinary business that carries the concept of a hangout place is currently selling well in the market.

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What Are The Mainstay Businesses for Beginner Entrepreneurs?


Fresh drinks with the addition of boba toppings or also called bubbles are always able to cool your thirst.

Its unique taste with its chewy texture makes anyone interested in eating it. Recently, the phenomenon of boba fever has emerged in Indonesian society. Whatever the drink, if you add it with boba, it will sell well.

You can use this opportunity as a fresh-drink business opportunity. Opening a culinary business like this doesn’t require a lot of capital. You only need to rent a shop with enough chairs and tables. Not many employees work, 1-2 employees can start your culinary business. Another option that can lighten your
capital is to sell in the cart and you brew yourself so you don’t need additional employees.

Coffee shop

If you are a coffee "enthusiast" or have a special interest in coffee, there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of this. You can make a coffee shop a promising culinary business choice. Coffee is no longer a necessity for people who have to stay up late, but it has become a trend. Even though many coffee
shops have sprung up on the streets, that doesn’t mean you miss this opportunity. Find the difference between your coffee shop and other coffee shops.

Fruit salad

Many people are starting to think about health and the ideal body shape. This is evidenced by the number of fitness clubs and the waste of healthy food or drinks, such as supplements, milk and fruit. As is well known, fruit is a healthy snack that is good for the body and suitable as a substitute for heavy foods that are prohibited when doing a weight loss program.

People who make fruit as a lifestyle often experience problems when choosing fruit. Consuming fruits like that is certainly boring, even though wanting to have many varieties of fruit requires a lot of money.

Those are some examples of mainstay businesses for beginners, hopefully useful.